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Quirky Linkage 1

I spend most of my day online since my work is internet-based but when I want to take a break or I’m simply bored, I do a lot of surfing. I have these go-to websites that keep me entertained, up to date and even make me literally laugh out loud. I thought I might share them with you since they have helped me to keep my sanity ;). Continue reading


This, undoubtedly, appeals to my OC-ness in making lists.

Buy them here.

Feeling magaling magluto.

Because when I actually do cook, I want to be like Nigella or Jamie and be able to say “just take a handful of fresh rosemary and pop it in!” while simultaneously grabbing the plant.

Mini Herb Garden

Wala lang. :p

FYI: Hindi ko din alam kung kanino ko sasabihin yun. LOL :p