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My little ninja dude


with his super cute samurai sword. 🙂


Yay for getting better!

I feel bad for some of my clothes & shoes. Some of them are going stale inside my closet. Some of them still have their tags or inside their plastic/boxes. It’s one of the downsides of working at home. Boo. Plus, it didn’t help that I was bedridden for one whole week. (Lahat ata ng sakit nakuha ko last week!)

Yes. I had a big ole steak at Myron's

Honey BBQ wings w/ Chili & Cheese fries from BWnT

I was deprived of taste for the last week… ‘Nuf said. :p

Happy to have had the chance to wear my new red headband

Alice necklace

and of course, my new geisha flats 🙂

Buti nalang dine-date parin ako ni T! :p