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Harry Potter Boxed Set (UK Adult Version)

*happy dance*

*Must construct bookcase with locks and hire someone with the sole purpose to dust books daily* LOL

Happy Holidays!☃


Best Santa Claus ever!

I love how my mom knows what I want even when I didn’t even know I wanted it until she’s actually given it to me. (Did that make sense? :-P)

For Christmas, she sent us a Cafe Style Hot Chocolate Kit complete with frother, chocolate pot & marshmallows! The frother is automatic! How awesome is that? 😀

*wishes there was snow falling at this moment but have to settle for the snow on wordpress ;)*

A Super Early Christmas Gift

I’ve been eyeing 2 Longchamp bags for a while now: a personalized Le Pliage or a limited edition Planetes. But since it is a bit pricey, I could only choose 1. I’ve been saving up for it for most of the year but there were times that I had to dip in those savings for emergency purposes. So when the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection came out , I was so excited! I totally fell in love with the Planetes in Raisin!

I got sad a second later because I realized my savings weren’t going to be enough to purchase it at that time. And so, I set it aside thinking I’ll just buy it when I’ve saved enough.

When I was able to save enough, I got even more depressed (drama queen mode) when I found out it was no longer available from Longchamp.com! 😦

The other day, while I was perusing my multiply, I found one of my contacts, specifically mybaghabits.multiply.com, posted that she had a Planetes in Raisin! and it was in Large!♥ (You all know how much I love them gigantic bags :p)

I told T about it while we were playing Rainbow 6 on the Xbox. (Take note, hindi kami nagtitinginan the whole time we were conversing because we were busy killing bad guys)

Suyen: Hun, someone is selling the bag that I’ve been eyeing sa Longchamp.

T: Ok, go and get it already! It’s my early Christmas gift for you.

Suyen: Are you serious?!

T: Yeah, get it.

Suyen: Are you serious?! It’s costs Php XXXX

T: Yeah. Order it already.

Suyen: Are you serious?!

T: OO NGA! (mejo nainis na :p)

I  jumped off the sofa and left T to kill the bad dudes while I hurriedly filled up the order form lest someone order before me. As in naiihi ako sa excitement nito :p

I got my order confirmation a few minutes later and voila! The Planetes was reserved for moi! WEEEEEE!

Mybaghabits is owned & run by Vida. She is very professional, fuss-free, accommodating & very friendly. A perfect seller if you ask me 🙂 She guarantees the authenticity of her goods and will send you the packaging your bag came in 🙂

Can you believe I got my bag the day after I made my payment?!

Anyway, mejo mahabang kwento na ito… Without further ado, I present to you…


*An ode to Ellen Page & her character in Inception 🙂

To copy Agnes from Despicable Me: “It’s so nice & big! I’m gonna die!” :p

P.S. Thank you, Vida, for letting me get my super early Christmas gift! 😀

P.P.S. Thanks, T! You really really heart me 😀

It’s here! It’s here!

I’m too giddy to blog about it now. More details later 😀