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I super heart BWnT!

T and I have been eating at Buffalo’s Wings n Things every weekend for the past 2-3 months. Last week, I found out that I got an I love BWnT card from their Facebook Page.

I got so excited I had to go pee! (Seriously, I did go pee.)

T & I went on a Friday night to claim the card and went back the next day for some more.

That shiz is so good, napapamura ako sa sarap!

On weekends, our travel time is longer than the time we spend on eating them wings! (We come from Taytay to eat at the Ortigas branch). Ganon sya kasarap na dinadayo pa talaga namin.

I really can’t take spicy food, but despite the Honey BBQ being a little spicy (for me, Yes, I am a loser when it comes to spicy food, leave me alone), I keep coming back to BWnT for a pound of that stuff!

We never order anything else. It’s always 1 pound of Honey BBQ wings w/ 2 Buffalo Ranch dips + 1 pound of Firehouse/Nuclear/Armaggedon with 2 Bleu Cheese dips (for T) and chili cheese fries on the side. Kizme (our usual server) doesn’t even bother to ask us what we want because all I have to do is give her the thumbs-up sign even before we step inside. 🙂

We never get tired of it. Sometimes, we talk about getting something else, but once we’re there, we can’t help it. Haha.

Our meal always ends like this:

To BWnT, your food, your staff and your service is just awesome. We really really heart you! 😀

I’m gonna miss you while we’re on vacation… but you bet your butts we will be munching on those wings before we leave! :p

*drool, drool*

WARNING: BWnT wings are very addicting! LOL


2 pounds of BWnT please!

T and I are so addicted to Buffalo Wings N Things. We practically have to stop ourselves from going everyday!

Juicy buffalo wings in Honey BBQ & Firehouse Classic + Chili & Cheese Fries c/o BWnT


Just looking at these pics makes me want to go back. Now na! :p

Yay for getting better!

I feel bad for some of my clothes & shoes. Some of them are going stale inside my closet. Some of them still have their tags or inside their plastic/boxes. It’s one of the downsides of working at home. Boo. Plus, it didn’t help that I was bedridden for one whole week. (Lahat ata ng sakit nakuha ko last week!)

Yes. I had a big ole steak at Myron's

Honey BBQ wings w/ Chili & Cheese fries from BWnT

I was deprived of taste for the last week… ‘Nuf said. :p

Happy to have had the chance to wear my new red headband

Alice necklace

and of course, my new geisha flats 🙂

Buti nalang dine-date parin ako ni T! :p