Harry Potter Boxed Set (UK Adult Version)

*happy dance*

*Must construct bookcase with locks and hire someone with the sole purpose to dust books daily* LOL

Happy Holidays!☃


Best Santa Claus ever!

I love how my mom knows what I want even when I didn’t even know I wanted it until she’s actually given it to me. (Did that make sense? :-P)

For Christmas, she sent us a Cafe Style Hot Chocolate Kit complete with frother, chocolate pot & marshmallows! The frother is automatic! How awesome is that? 😀

*wishes there was snow falling at this moment but have to settle for the snow on wordpress ;)*

Secrets shared « Keri Smith

Secrets shared « Keri Smith.

Wise words from a very talented illustrator.

My personal favorites:

6. Goof off on a regular basis.

7. If you want to work on your art, work on your life. All those personality traits that aren’t working for you will come back to haunt you in your career (i.e. assertiveness, fear of conflict, fear of confrontation.) It’s all connected.

13. Don’t worry about whether or not you are good (good is subjective and most people are not great judges of their own work), just keep making work.

14. Ignore cool. Successful people do not try to be hip, they just do work that excites them.

15. Always come back to work that excites you. Even if you get off track for a while. Do personal work on a regular basis, show it to others. You can reinvent yourself at any time.

Keri Smith

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Love Love Love your Skin.

As much as I love makeup (It is my business, after all), I hardly ever have the reason to wear them. Can you believe I actually wore more makeup when I was younger? I remember getting shocked that 12 year old girls were already putting on makeup when I didn’t really care if I practically dressed like a boy. Up to this day, I never even brush my hair. Yes, UP TO THIS DAY! Haha. Continue reading

Tina & Tomo’s Garden Wedding

I had a great time dressing up for my good friends’ Tina & Tomo’s wedding this past weekend. Tina loves vintage and I love all the details that she put into her late afternoon garden wedding.

Lighted Mason jars & chinese lanterns hanging from the trees.

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Quirky Linkage 1

I spend most of my day online since my work is internet-based but when I want to take a break or I’m simply bored, I do a lot of surfing. I have these go-to websites that keep me entertained, up to date and even make me literally laugh out loud. I thought I might share them with you since they have helped me to keep my sanity ;). Continue reading

Taking advantage of one cold rainy night.

I hardly get to wear my boots so I was quite happy to wear them on a rainy date night :).

Peach tanktop & Black sweater from H&M

Leggings from Forever21

I love these boots because it has sentimental value to me.*It was handed down to me by my favorite aunt before she said goodbye last year.

I have actually never worn leggings before but I decided to give it a shot and it was coincidental that I couldn’t wear jeans after my operation. I have a feeling I’m gonna be stocking up on leggings. I never knew how comfy & versatile they could be! 😛