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Lucian gets Pogified

Pogi – Filipino word for “handsome boy” or “cute boy”

This a long-overdue post as I have had Lucian groomed 3 times over the last 6 months. All beautifully done by iPaw Dog Home Grooming Services.

The fact that I’ve gotten them more than twice means I’m pretty much sold on their service. I love iPaw’s service from start to finish. Continue reading

A Warning

I’m tired of putting watermarks on my photos so I will stop doing that. It is a shitty process. Besides, they ruin the pictures anyway. But, in order to avoid thievery, I will issue this warning:

All photos, images and/or illustrations of this site are properties of quirkysuyen unless stated otherwise. Steal them and I curse you with allergies to chocolate and a lifetime of forgetfulness. *obliviate*

King is the king!

When people usually ask for a favorite, most of us can’t seem to give just one answer. It’s hard to pick a favorite when there are so many choices. I know I find it hard to pick just one movie as my favorite. But, if you ask me for my favorite author, I will give you one answer without batting an eyelash. Stephen “The King of Horror” King.

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I do this regularly…

I do this. I wake up sometimes between 2-4 am and I grab the first book that’s on my nightstand since that is usually the one that I’m currently reading and just read until I fall back asleep.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if my future kid/s end up waking up all groggy in the morning because they were up reading all night.

Go Team Bookworms! 🙂

This 2010, I am thankful for…

My awesome husband, T, who never fails to give me all the love & support I need and also, for giving me the freedom to do what I love despite all the hassles it brings on his part. T, if not for you, I would have gone on thinking that marriage was something tedious and boring. Looking forward to endless movie/coffee dates and more sleepless nights of co-op video games on our PS3. Go! Go! Go!

My supportive parents who never gave up on me even when I felt like giving up on myself. Pa & Ma, thanks for all the unsolicited advise (they turned out to be always right) and laughter (which came at the most unexpected moments) and for the free future babysitting.

P.S. You can check out why I turned out this way by heading over to my dad’s Facebook Fan Page here.

My 6 crazy brothers (Kiko, Bok, Lee, Roy, RC & Ray-an) who toughened me up well to prepare me for the real world while never failing to make me laugh. Thanks guys, I know I’m your favorite sister and yes, I still have that scar from that time you pretended the hammock was a slingshot and I was the rock that you flung all the way across the backyard and ended up slamming on a tree. Good times!

My fun-loving lola who turned 90 this December, has acted as my guardian for all my life. She gave up having her own family to take care of my brothers and I. Thanks Ate, I would have burned down the kitchen and lived off of fast food if not for you.

My nutty best friend who, after 16 years, has stood by my side through all the good and bad. Thanks Chris, I would have probably gone mental if not for you. By the way, that plaid shirt you borrowed and never returned to me after 8 years even though I said I always liked that shirt and wanted it back? You can keep it.

My real friends, old and new, thank you for always helping me see the good side of life. You guys are right, hayaan na ang mga negastars (don’t mind the negative people)!

My psychotic dog, Lucian, for providing me with companionship, entertainment & protection every day. Thanks for loudly yapping your butt off to warn me of intruders which actually turned out to be plants moving because of the wind. And also, for nipping at my heels because you had to take a crap and you needed me to usher you to your potty area before you end up taking a dump beside my desk.

My work which I can do in the comforts of our home. I confess that there are days I want to throw my unoriginally-named laptop, Mac, halfway across the room but nothing beats working at home and being your own boss.

My quirky blogs (WordPress & Tumblr) which keep me sane by letting me express myself in more ways than one. I’m not the best writer or an expert blogger or even an informative one, but at least I know some people enjoy reading my stuff. How do I know? My site stats say so! Seriously though, thanks to every person who reads my blog and actually tells me that they love reading my blog. My heart wants to jump out of my chest every time and give you hugs. *that doesn’t sound right, but what the heck*

All the prizes I won from joining contests this year: HTC Hero, Ukay Manila Vintage Top, Laser Teeth Whitening from Kumiko and more! I have to admit that I was a pretty lucky girl this year. I hope this streak crosses over to 2011 because I think I need free flip-flops, or at least a pedicure, for the summer.

Skyping with my dad

Technology because even if all my loved ones are far away from me, I still get to enjoy Christmas/New Year and other holidays with them through text messages, phone calls, emails & Skype. Plus, I get to screen cap my dad modeling the stuff I’m supposed to sell.

Lee† & Suyen circa 1980's

A short yet sweet time with my brother, Lee. I know you’re always watching over me. Thanks for being my inspiration and hero until the end. Yes, the tattoo I got in your honor hurt a lot and I hope you don’t mind that I added stars to it.

and lastly, that God has given me 28 years to enjoy life and that there is always something to be grateful for every day.

Happy New Year! 😀

This is how I show my love.

My bestfriend, Chris, and I have been friends for more than 16 years and I love how she knows how much I love her by going against my nature of being in lola (grandma) mode for her birthday. :-p

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