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Quirkysuyen has a new home!

see you there!:D


Sorry for being M.I.A…

…but quirkysuyen has something brewing ­čśë

A Warning

I’m tired of putting watermarks on my photos so I will stop doing that. It is a shitty process. Besides, they ruin the pictures anyway. But, in order to avoid thievery, I will issue this warning:

All photos, images and/or illustrations of this site are properties of quirkysuyen unless stated otherwise. Steal them and I curse you with allergies to chocolate and a lifetime of forgetfulness. *obliviate*

Quirky Linkage 1

I spend most of my day online since my work is internet-based but when I want to take a break or I’m simply bored, I do a lot of surfing. I have these go-to websites that keep me entertained, up to date and even make me literally laugh out loud. I thought I might share them with you since they have helped me to keep my sanity ;). Continue reading

Taking advantage of one cold rainy night.

I hardly get to wear my boots so I was quite happy to wear them on a rainy date night :).

Peach tanktop & Black sweater from H&M

Leggings from Forever21

I love these boots because it has sentimental value to me.*It was handed down to me by my favorite aunt before she said goodbye last year.

I have actually never worn leggings before but I decided to give it a shot and it was coincidental that I couldn’t wear jeans after my operation. I have a feeling I’m gonna be stocking up on leggings. I never knew how comfy & versatile they could be! ­čśŤ

Proud to be a Harry Potter Fan.

I am a very proud Harry Potter Fan. I started reading the series when I was 15 and have been a fan since Book 1. ┬áI remember staying up late into the night because I couldn’t put it down and my mom would scold me for it. ┬áI found myself emotionally investing in the entire series! I never really owned any of the books because I never had enough money to buy it for myself back then but I was lucky to have cousins who would lend them to me. Continue reading

Wanted: Makeover

I haven’t had the time to get those full bangs I’ve been talking about. I guess the thought of not knowing how my hair will behave still puts me off. ┬áI am also frustrated with how my hair is taking so long to grow down to my waist. I have so many plans for my hair but I still don’t have a clear idea of what exactly I’m going to do about it. My nails are clearly in need of some spiffy-ing up, as well, as they have been quite neglected thanks to my consistent hospital visits lately and the ┬áresting required afterwards. My back, which sometimes is so painful that I cannot get myself to get out of bed,┬áseriously┬áneeds some extra massages, too.

I’ve been going through a lot of “growing up & moving forward” processes recently and when I’m this emotional, I usually take it out on my appearance. Meaning, I need to change something to reinforce the change inside of me. Plus, I think it would be a great way to start the year 2011.

Anyway, I have finally found something to “fix” while I am waiting for my hair to grow but since I like surprises, I’ll wait until I actually get it done before I post it.

So, here’s to a better Suyen in 2011! ­čÖé