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I’m a girl gamer. What are you gonna do about it?

Thanks to my brothers, I have always been into video games. It helped that they were able to persuade my mom and dad to get the latest console. I even remember having Atari although I was still too young to play it back then. Besides, my brothers did not like the idea of sharing back then. With 5 other brothers to share it with and 1 little sister pestering you, who can blame them? Haha.

I ended up fighting with my brothers and cousins just so I could have a turn with the controller. I didn’t care if I won or not. I just wanted to play.

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Harry Potter Boxed Set (UK Adult Version)

*happy dance*

*Must construct bookcase with locks and hire someone with the sole purpose to dust books daily* LOL

Happy Holidays!☃

Love Love Love your Skin.

As much as I love makeup (It is my business, after all), I hardly ever have the reason to wear them. Can you believe I actually wore more makeup when I was younger? I remember getting shocked that 12 year old girls were already putting on makeup when I didn’t really care if I practically dressed like a boy. Up to this day, I never even brush my hair. Yes, UP TO THIS DAY! Haha. Continue reading