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King is the king!

When people usually ask for a favorite, most of us can’t seem to give just one answer. It’s hard to pick a favorite when there are so many choices. I know I find it hard to pick just one movie as my favorite. But, if you ask me for my favorite author, I will give you one answer without batting an eyelash. Stephen “The King of Horror” King.

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I do this regularly…

I do this. I wake up sometimes between 2-4 am and I grab the first book that’s on my nightstand since that is usually the one that I’m currently reading and just read until I fall back asleep.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if my future kid/s end up waking up all groggy in the morning because they were up reading all night.

Go Team Bookworms! 🙂


Harry Potter Boxed Set (UK Adult Version)

*happy dance*

*Must construct bookcase with locks and hire someone with the sole purpose to dust books daily* LOL

Happy Holidays!☃