If you want trouble… find yourself a redhead.

“Wait, don’t tell me. Red hair, hand-me-down clothes and a stupid complexion.You must be a Weasley.”
Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

Come to think of it, I do have a stupid complexion. (Fair with yellow & pink undertones  accompanied by lots & lots & lots of freckles) Don’t get me wrong though, I do love my freckles, actually.

Anyhoo, guess who finally got herself that makeover? 😯

I find myself really loving being a redhead. I am finally letting out my inner Weasley. Sometimes, I think I should have been born with red hair as I already have the fair skin, freckles, and fiery temperament. 😛

I got my hair dyed Mahogany and I do wish I picked a brighter red. I got myself side bangs in the process  (as opposed to the full bangs I was originally thinking of getting) but they are actually short enough to act as semi-full bangs. Hehe.

I apologize for the crappy lighting since you cannot see the red in my hair. I do plan to brighten it up a little more during my next coloring session. Here are better pictures of the color 🙂

Do you guys like my outfit? I was only supposed to wear the dress but I put on cropped leggings at the last minute because I was cold that night. Yes, that is a dress. Yes, it is floral. Don’t judge me! 😆

Anyway, I got my haircut & color at Emphasis Salon over at Rockwell. I admit it’s quite pricey but I tend to be swayed by excellent customer service and of course the quality of the outcome which Emphasis certainly delivers.

Prices depend on your hair length, so for any inquiries:

Emphasis Salon
G/F Joya
Plaza Drive cor. Joya Drive
Rockwell Center, Makati City


“He found himself face to face with an extraordinarily pretty girl. She was a red-haired girl, with the beautiful ivory skin which goes with red hair… She was not the prettiest girl he had ever seen… But there was a subtle something about her. A sort of, how-shall-one-put-it, which he had never encountered before. He swallowed convulsively. …At last, he told himself, he was in love, really in love, and at first sight, too, which made it all the more impressive… But she had bitten him in the arm. That was hardly the right spirit. That, he felt, constituted an obstacle.” – (From ‘The Girl on the Boat’)


2 responses to “If you want trouble… find yourself a redhead.

  1. Love! I share your passion for fiery redheaded-ness. From ginger to full on RED that screams. Gah. But alas, I’m too chicken to try it and my mum would never approve =\.

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