Laid Back with your Laptop

Sometimes you come across such a great find that even if you’re in the middle of a busy cafe, supposedly working, you just let out a loud yelp of AWE-SOOOOME! and people all across the room stare at you as if you’re cuckoo. That’s exactly what happened when I found this online. 😆 

What is it, you ask?  It’s a WOODEN LAPTOP TABLE WITH A FAN! *giddy from happiness* AND IT’S FOLDABLE! 😮

Ok, I guess I got waaaaay too excited about it but you can’t blame a girl who has mild scoliosis and MPS (Myofascial Pain Syndrome) to not get giddy about having something that would help her work when her back is in SO MUCH PAIN  that she can’t even get out of bed, right? 😛

I like that it’s made out of wood, pine wood to be exact. It appeals to my love for Japanese aesthetics.

You can actually adjust the tilt of the left portion at 10, 25, 35 and 54 degree angles and there’s also a shallow indentation on the left for your coffee mug (or glass or cup or whatever). I wouldn’t recommend doing that while in bed though. I mean, you risk getting yourself and your laptop in serious trouble especially if you’re drinking something hot. 😕

Underside view of the fan.

The fan is must for my MacbookPro that gets really hot after a while. The fan can be connected to your laptop’s USB drive. You can also get one without a fan which is a little cheaper.

It even has a little drawer on the side! You can use it to store your mouse but in my case, my calculator goes inside that cute little compartment.

I consider this a pretty good deal. I mean, I could have gone for the less expensive plastic kinds, but they just did not appeal to me. Besides, like I always say, I don’t mind shelling out a bit more money for something I know is an investment. For someone who does everything online, I’d say this is a investment. Diba? 🙂

P.S. If you didn’t know my motto by now, it’s “If I can buy it online, I will.” So, if you know of any local (Philippine) online stores worth checking out, drop me a comment 😀

Oh, and if I was able to entice you into buying one, head on over here.


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