I’m a girl gamer. What are you gonna do about it?

Thanks to my brothers, I have always been into video games. It helped that they were able to persuade my mom and dad to get the latest console. I even remember having Atari although I was still too young to play it back then. Besides, my brothers did not like the idea of sharing back then. With 5 other brothers to share it with and 1 little sister pestering you, who can blame them? Haha.

I ended up fighting with my brothers and cousins just so I could have a turn with the controller. I didn’t care if I won or not. I just wanted to play.

I can vividly recall staying up late with my brothers to finish Mario Brothers on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).


One Christmas, my mom put this small box under the tree and we were all wondering what was in it since it was so heavy. Turns out, my mom can be quite crafty. She knew we wanted a Sega Genesis but she still wanted to surprise us. She stuffed the console in the box and put lots and lots of rocks in there. Nice one, Ma.We played Sonic the Hedgehog a lot! When the games wouldn’t work, forget the manual, we took turns blowing out the dust from the bottom part of the cartridges.

In college, after classes, I went to those dark and smelly internet cafés to play Counter-Strike on PC. Trust me, Counter-Strike is best played with other online players and I was into it enough to play alongside loud, obnoxious, not to mention, smelly guys.

When I wasn’t studying at home or reading novels, I would play Command & Conquer: Red Alert on our PC. I especially liked using America because of all the airdrops. My parents couldn’t complain since I got pretty good grades despite all those sleepless nights of playing video games. Hehe.

Although, my favorite PC game would probably be Diablo. My brothers and I took turns and even discussed our strategies and compared weapons and tactics. We even got the extended versions of Diablo II. I seriously can’t wait for the 3rd installment of Diablo. I already asked T if I could get it as soon as it comes out. I guess the only thing I never really got into were the sports games.

During summer vacation, Christina and I would play Tekken and Gran Turismo on our PS. One time, we were so bored that we played Gran Turismo backwards for one whole session. Or maybe that was 2? Like I said, we were bored.

When I visited my cousins in LA, we ended playing SOCOM during my entire vacation that my younger brother, Ray-an, was dreaming about it and shouting “Go! Go! Go!” in his sleep! LOLs

On PS2, I really enjoyed playing God of War and now that T and I have our own PS3, you can be sure I’ll be playing God of War III.

But, for now, we’ve been playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2. He’s the point man and I’m the sniper. 🙂

T is very grateful that I love playing video games because he doesn’t have to explain to me why he can play for hours on end. He says I’m the only girl he knows who is into video games as much as he is (or even more!).

What can I say? I’m a girl gamer. Girl gamers unite! LESDODIS! 😀

P.S. If you know of any PS3 games that are worth playing, let me know by commenting below 🙂


3 responses to “I’m a girl gamer. What are you gonna do about it?

  1. try battlefield bad company. It has nice graphics.. you can play online as well. It’s kinda like counter strike.

  2. If you also like driving simulations games, I suggest Gran Turismo 5.

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