Lucian gets Pogified

Pogi – Filipino word for “handsome boy” or “cute boy”

This a long-overdue post as I have had Lucian groomed 3 times over the last 6 months. All beautifully done by iPaw Dog Home Grooming Services.

The fact that I’ve gotten them more than twice means I’m pretty much sold on their service. I love iPaw’s service from start to finish.

I am a stickler for time and the iPaw team always comes on time if not earlier than the set appointment. They have everything they need to properly groom your pets (They groom cats, as well). From the “bathtub” to grooming powder, their cute little truck has all the essentials.

The amount of time it takes to groom depends on how much hair your pet has. Also, in Lucian’s case, he can get real fidgety after a few minutes of standing still so he tends to move around a lot. I also appreciate that they cut his nails, too, because I still can’t get myself to do it in fear of hurting him. No matter how makulit (fussy) and how tiny or gigantic your pets are (they also groomed our golden retriever, Damien), they’ll lovingly pamper them as if they are their own.

Ipaw Team

Ray (left), their main groomer, is very skilled at trimming and shaping fur. I absolutely love the style he gives Lucian everytime. Lucian looks like a mini lion. WINNER! 😀

by Ipaw

At the end of the service, you get a free photoshoot and a postcard print out as a souvenir like Lucian’s picture above. How’s that for going the extra mile? 🙂

Lucian always comes out pogi and smelling good. You can check out their happy and satisfied clients & masters over at their iPaw Facebook Fan Page. Kudos to Dianne & Jojo for bringing excellent dog grooming to our homes! 😀

For price inquiries (prices vary according to the size of your pets), here are their contact details:


2 responses to “Lucian gets Pogified

  1. Hi sis! Thanks so much again for visiting my blog. I love dogs, too! Lucian is sooooo adorable! Sayang, hubby and I cannot own a dog yet but I grew up in a household of dog lovers. Nice to know there is a service provider like iPaw. Let me share this info with friends. Happy new year and stay happy and in love! *hugs*

    • Hi Mei! Thanks for checking out my blog, as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to you, too!
      Hope you and your hubby will be able to have a puppy soon. Take care!

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