Bang & A Tattoo

Gusto ko ulit mag-bang. Isa lang! LOL

Circa 2007

and highlights, too. Ewan ko ba. Nag-iinarte ako at trip ko maging vain lately :p

In other “news”…

I have resorted to actually handwashing my bras nowadays. If I let the maids throw them in the washing machine, they really get wrecked. I mean misshapen underwires and all. I have lost a lot of my really good ones to bra heaven because of that and I decided “never again!” (drama! Haha)

Seriously though, I learned you’re supposed to wash your intimates with mild laundry soap so I decided to scour the supermarket for one. I landed on a soap named Cycles (Mild Laundry Detergent for Babies).


At first, I was like, Cycles? Really? Labo! Ang layo naman nun sa babies. But, since malabo din naman ako at cute naman yung packaging, so ok, pinatulan :p

Verdict: ANG BANGO! It really smells like a baby (sans poopie/wiwi). I stocked up on that shiz like there’s no tomorrow! 😀 I really want to get the Stain Pen thingy, too.


One last thing, I badly want a new tattoo.. problem is, I want it in Hebrew. Anyone know how to write in Hebrew? I don’t want to rely on the internet because I might end up with a tattoo that says “I haz cheeze” or something like that. HELP!


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