For the sake of whiter teeth.

I actually forgot that, 2 months ago, I joined this Facebook contest to get a free teeth-whitening package from Clarity. I don’t join a lot of contests on Facebook. I only join the ones with awesome prizes 😛 This one had a teeth bleaching treatment and free consultation with Clarity’s dentist worth Php 30,000 as the grand prize and I wasn’t about to pass that up. 

Today, I found out I have one of the Clarity’s Passion To Make You Smile Top 10 entries 😀
This part Come in your best white attire, get Clarity free service, and flash that perlies! – made me cringe. (In more ways than one :p LOL)

Best White Attire??? Shet. What am I supposed to wear?!

I don’t have a lot of clothes in white because I take after my peacock-inspired fashionista mom. We love colors! I have 9 days to figure this out. Wish me luck!  (With my outfit and the contest) :p Haha.

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