16 days to go…

… before I get to wear a bikini again! Yes! 😀
I’m so excited because:
1. I badly need a vacation. I know this because even if I work at home, I have to literally drag myself out of bed to get to my desk. (Which, by the way, is 2 meters away from the bed). Also, as much as I love what I do, I find myself easily irritable with/because of/about work lately.
2. My complexion is in need of some color. My bangkay-colored legs need to see some sun.
3. I have a new bikini to flaunt! (Which will be done with lots of “hindi ako hihinga” moments – I know you guys think I’m skinny, but trust me, my belly is not proportionate to the rest of me 😛 Must be all the sweets I wolf down. LOL)
I’m excited about this because this bikini deviates from my usual bikinis :p (Arte!)
But most of all, I get to spend quality time with T without any distractions from our work (and yes, even Lucian Kulit :p).
How about you guys? Anything you’re looking forward to in the next few weeks or months? 🙂

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